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Illustration of several people collaborating on a computer. There are references to binary code, gears, and a GitHub logo to suggest collaboration focused around software development.
Open Source

YipYip is open source!

Help make YipYip more powerful and work smoothly on all websites. Review and contribute to the code on Github.

Fast as Flight!

Fly through your work and the web with your fingertips. Get in your productivity flow!

Beautifully simple.

No onboarding necessary. All you have to do it type what you want to do. Simple as that!

100% Extensible.

Easily customize how YipYip works on different websites, with different languages, and more.

How do I use YipYip?

After you install the extension, you can start typing over any website to select any matching links. Just press enter your keyboard to navigate to the link!

Can I use YipYip on any website?

YipYip is optimized for Gmail, but you can use it on any website. You can improve how it works by submitting a suggestion or contributing to the code on GitHub.

How do I choose from multiple matches?

Just press Tab (or Shift + Tab) on your keyboard to jump between the different links that match the text you typed. Press enter when you have the right one selected.

The search bar is in the way. Can I hide it?

Of course! Just turn on "Autohide" by clicking the eyeball in the search bar and then the search bar will disappear until you start typing. You can always click the extension in your browser or press Opt + F (Mac) / Alt + F (PC) to make YipYip appear.

Can I use YipYip while writing an email?

If you're composing an email, writing a document, or have a text input field selected elsewhere on the page you're on, all you have to do focus YipYip! is click the extension in your browser or press Opt + F (Mac) / Alt + F (PC) to make YipYip appear.

Can you improve YipYip on a specific website for me?

Absolutely. You can submit a suggestion by clicking the (?) to submit a suggestion or to go to GitHub and improve it yourself.

Does YipYip track me?

No. The YipYip browser extension will NEVER track or store your queries or which websites you visit. It only tracks who has the extension installed and how often it is used. The project is open source on GitHub so you can verify this yourself.

Is YipYip free?

Yes. YipYip will always be free. We make money through our other product: KnowledgeOS. We do not use YipYip to track you or sell data about you (because we do not have it).
Illustration of a man holding a magnifying glass over a computer screen showing a Gmail inbox. The YipYip search bar is shown next to Gmail with the keyboard shortcuts being displayed.
Assistive Technology

We want to push accessibility forward. Come help us.

Improving human-computer interaction, particularly for those who struggle to work with a mouse, is important. By leveraging technologies like, speech-to-text, YipYip could offer an alternate paradigm for how to interact with the web.

An illustration showing a group of people on a paper boat. One person holding a looking glass while looking off into the distance. Another is rope connected to a lifesaver that is in the water next to a third person in the water. They seem to be working together to navigate the boat.
Our Mission

We're on a mission to improve how people access and interact with information online.

The web can be an overwhelming place. We're working hard to make it easier to navigate and understand. Learn more about Comake and join the community to provide feedback and share ideas!